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Harold Flanagan Presents at RMMLF Event

Flanagan Partners attorney, Harold J. Flanagan, will present a seminar at the special institute presented by the Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation (“RMMLF”) in Westminster, Colorado on January 23, 2019. Entitled “The Law of Fracking: Federal, State, and Local Regulation of Modern Oil & Gas Development,” the special institute will address a range of new and novel issues, including:

  • Liability for trespass when fractures cross subsurface property lines

  • Use of agreements as an alternative to regulation or litigation

  • Practical tips for drafting service contracts and master service agreements

  • Expert and evidentiary issues when plaintiffs allege personal injuries or property damage

  • How agreements drafted for vertical wells may be inadequate for fracking and horizontal laterals

  • Environmental challenges and local government efforts to regulate or prohibit oil & gas operations

  • Takings claims from actual or effective bans on hydraulic fracturing or other oil & gas activity

  • Technical aspects and innovations for non-engineers

  • Preemption of local regulations by state law

The presentation given by Mr. Flanagan, entitled “Negotiating and Drafting Hydraulic Fracturing Services Agreements,” will provide practical guidance reflecting personal experiences regarding drafting and negotiating Fleet Agreements. The presentation will also explore how these agreements differ from, and interact with, the correlating master service agreements, as well as the terms commonly used in such agreements, the most crucial provisions, and the importance of considering the corresponding risk allocation and insurance. This program will be invaluable for new and experienced lawyers, landmen, corporate managers, communications personnel, government officials, non-government organization personnel, and others interested in the law and regulation of hydraulic fracturing and related activities. For more information and to sign up, please visit:


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